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Stop debt collection calls for good!

Are you feeling stress and anxiety while answering the phone? Are you constantly receiving phone calls from collection agencies who are looking for payments? How would you like it if these phone calls finally stopped once and for all? Give Fresh Start BC a call and we can help stop the harassment and make these stressful phone calls disappear!

Why do collection agencies call several times a day?

Bill collectors are calling because you owe money and they are being paid to collect. Debt collection agencies are often paid a commission for every dollar they collect which gives them incentive to keep calling you. Bill collectors will keep calling and sending threatening letters as long as they believe they have a chance to collect any money from you.

Collection agencies today use sophisticated computerized "automated phone dialers", so if you don't pickup, the computer puts your name back in the queue, and you are called again in an hour. Keeping this in mind, this is the reason why ignoring debt collection calls doesn't work: they just keep calling!

Take the initiative and finally stop the calls!

If you are unable to pay your debts asking one of our trained professionals for assistance will put you on the path to a "fresh start". Those stressful phone calls will stop and you can get on with living your life! Do not be nervous or put off by the title "Licensed Insolvency Trustee". A licensed insolvency trustee is trained in all the different British Columbia debt management options and bankruptcy is only one of the many options you have. In reality, most people who contact us at Fresh Start BC are able to successfully resolve their financial difficulties without ever filing for bankruptcy.

Put yourself on the path to a Fresh Start and call or email us and take advantage of our FREE, professional consultation. One of our debt resolution experts will review your situation today and it's private, confidential, and no-obligation.

You deserve a brighter more secure future and we can help you get that fresh start, just give us a call today and let's get to work on your future!